How to see my wife’s WhatsApp messages?

By Sandra Williams / June 20, 2017

How do you know if your wife is cheating on you? Has there been a recent change in behavior that’s got your trust meter going off the charts?

Well, using a WhatsApp spy, you can now easily check who is trying to creep through your relationship cracks even if your wife’s WhatsApp messages are locked.

In our modern society, open relationships are all too common and more often than not our ignorance whether implicit or explicit usually leads to a dreadful heartbreak or even worse an infection.

However, to find out if your wife is cheating you don’t need to hire Clark J. Gable of the popular TV show, Cheaters to find out.

So, how do you see your wife’s WhatsApp messages?

There are several ways of spying on your wife’s WhatsApp messages for both Android and IOs devices.

Some of them require tech savviness but the WhatsApp spy technique we will look at is very easy to use, and best of all you get a two-day free trial.

9SpyApps: Fast and intuitive

 The 9SpyApp is a very fast and reliable iOS and Android monitoring app.

It’s a personalized so as to fully meet all you Spy needs and the best part is that it does all that covertly, James Bond style. Spying has never been this easy, and it’s not just a WhatsApp spy, but it can spy on other platforms such as Facebook, Skype, Viber, Snapchat, Hangouts, line, and Kik.

However, to get access to all these features you need a premium account.

There are two packages available; standard and gold package.

The standard package goes for $15 and can monitor your wife’s call history, contacts, location, remote control and is 100% undetectable.

The gold package goes for $25, and as you would expect, it has a lot more features including the standard package features and then some.

It includes access to Gmail, calendar, photos, videos and browser history.

Using 9SpyApp as a WhatsApp spy on your wife’s messages

 Getting the software is pretty easy, and all it requires is that you buy the 9Spy App and don’t worry about payment methods as it supports a variety of payment options you can choose from.

After your purchase, you’ll get an email with self-explanatory instructions on how to download and the WhatsApp spy.

If by this stage you’ve successfully download and installed the 9SpyApp WhatsApp spy, then all you need do is log in to your registered accounts and starting on your wife’s WhatsApp messages.

It has a pretty intuitive user interface and depending on the package you got; you should be able to see what your wife’s been up to.

Final thoughts

You should note that spying on other people’s devices isn’t necessarily legal depending on which side of the planet you’re from.

Having said that, the 9SpyApp WhatsApp Spy is loaded with powerful features for its price, a user-oriented interface, an easy installation process, 24-hour support and is 100% invisible.

You can get 2 day free trial 9spyapps at here:


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