One Ethical Situation and 6 Apps to Hack WhatsApp Chat

Everybody knows that hacking is wicked. Yes, it’s the reincarnation of Darth Vader himself. Imagine one fine day; you see someone has posted some vile things from your Facebook account. The embarrassment and explanations you need to give is quite depressing.

Not only embarrassment but hacking in financial domain can lead to huge monetary loss too.

However, there are certain situations when hacking is ethical and considered as a positive initiative. Firstly, when it’s the concern of a nation’s security or a company’s safety in a bigger scale.  Secondly, to hack WhatsApp online for protecting a child from the wicked virtual world.


WhatsApp is one of the most used communication messenger app today. People can not only chat but also send photos and videos instantly through it. The new updates in this app have also made it possible to call each other for free.

Now, here’s an instance when hacking is acceptable.


Imagine a situation:

Your child spends a hefty amount of time on WhatsApp chatting with others. Some of the people they chat with are friends they know personally. However, not all of them are school or college mates. Some are downright strangers as well.

The advent of communication technology has made it possible to befriend a stranger. This can be either a positive experience or a horrific one depending on the stranger one is befriending with. This is where parents need to be cautious; especially, when it comes to adolescent children.

What’s the solution?

In such situations, parents can hack WhatsApp to keep a check on whom their children are meeting or talking to. This can be a preventive beneficial move. They can ensure that the child is not getting meddled in something that they should not meddle with.

How to hack a WhatsApp account?

Even though most parents aren’t as deft at technology as the young adults today, it is pretty easy for them to hack WhatsApp using a few applications. These apps are simplistic in nature and require no special coding or technical knowledge to use.

Listed below are some of the leading apps which are simple yet powerful and can also be a guide to WhatsApp hack.

  1. Flexispy:
  • It is one of the easy to use apps for any smartphone.
  • Flexispy collects the chat history and contact details of your child’s phone.
  • It can also trace live calls and provide their location.
  • This allows a more detailed monitoring.

      2. MxSpy

3. mSpy:

  • mSpy is a bit expensive app, but it provides more in depth analysis.
  • Besides chat history, it provides the photos that are stored in whatsapp memory.

4.TheTruthSpy: Along with WhatsApp chatting details, this app also tracks Viber account details.

5. Mobile Spy: Another powerful app, one can track both chats as well as emails through this app.

6. Copy9: This app is able to monitor every single WhatsApp activity and sends notification of the same to the hacker.