Viber Spying – Free Download May Save Your PC

By Sandra Williams / October 17, 2017

Viber spying is a free program, now licensed by Trend Micro, which scans for computer changes caused by malware (spyware, viruses, adware etc.), including Web “browser hijackers,” as they are called, hence the name.

Copy9 also allows you to see what is really running on your computer, things that the Task Manager may miss, and allows you to terminate those applications.

If your computer is running well, it is also a good time to run Copy9 before problems arise.

Should you later get a spyware or virus infection, you will have a reference point to work from.

Who is Copy9 Designed For?

Though Copy9 was originally designed for advanced users, many free online forums exist dedicated to helping others with the program and spyware removal.

Consequently, an average computer user can post the data Copy9 generates and receive feedback on what to do to remedy their PC problems.

So, if you haven’t been scared away yet, read on to learn how you can save your computer, and costly tech fees, with the Copy9 program.

Programs Needed First

The first three steps to getting the most from Copy9 are as follows:

1) If needed, Download CleanUp! (or similar program) Function: Erases unneeded files that may complicate Copy9 results. Download link: viber spying

2) If needed, Download Adware/Spyware Remover: Removes malicious files. (AVG Anti-Malware Trial)

3) Download the Copy9 program. (Direct from the Trend Micro Web site)

Why Files Need To Be Removed?

If you utilize a Copy9 forum the program requirements may vary a bit from the above but should be similar.

After viewing a Copy9 log you will better understand why these programs are necessary.

In a nutshell, you want to erase junk and temporary files that collect as you browse the Web or install programs. These temporary files make the Copy9 log too long and difficult to interpret as well as often slow down your PC.

Further, if you run an anti-malware program before making changes with Copy9, the chance of success is significantly increased.

How to Use Copy9
Install the Copy9 program. Click this link: viber spy tool
Follow the instructions at one of the sites listed below or at GeeksToGo.
Click on Copy9 icon and “Do a scan and save a log file.”
Save the log file to your desktop.
Advanced Users

Review the information if you understand it, or refer to the Copy9 tutorials below.
Take the necessary precautions as described.
Click on objects you wish to remove only if you know what you are doing.
Click on Fix Checked: viber hack tool
Copy9 Help

Each entry in the Copy9 program is preceded by an alpha-numeric entry designed to identify the category for each entry. provides one of the best tutorials on these entries and advance information on the Copy9 program.

An efficient Copy9 tutorial is also available at also includes a forum for posting the Copy9 log file where you can obtain assistance.

As spyware and computer problems can be complex, you may not receive a solution immediately, or at any given Copy9 forum. Consequently, some additional sources for Copy9 help are provided below.

Please use your own discretion when using any Copy9 forum. While many are very helpful, some are designed to promote various internet security products.

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