What is the SMS tracker?

SMS tracker is the complete remote monitoring and tracking software that allows you to mobile spy on SMS text messages, MMS picture messages, locations, calls, and the visited website.  

The SMS tracking app is a classy and integrated package that allows you to monitor the mobile activities on the targeted Smartphone.

This tracking mobile spy app remotely tracks and monitors all the details of the targeted individual’s mobile phone. The SMS tracker app became popular because of the fact that it can monitor the activities of the target even if their phone is in stealth mode.

How does it work?

SMS Tracker app will track every detail and every activity happening on the target mobile phone, and it uploads the details into the server. 

You can able to track your target phone activities in less than 30minutes.  You just need an internet connection to view the details provided by the mobile phone service carrier.

SMS Tracker is also a spy app as it allows you to spy on text messages is just two simple steps.

Step 1:

Download & Install SMS Tracker App on target's phone

Step 2:

View data: You just need to login into the control panel with your username and password, log in login-screen. Once you log in, you can easily view the list of calls that are received or sent from your target phone, and you can monitor their mobile activities

Great Features of SMS Tracker

sms tracking

SMS Tracking

  • View Sent / Received SMS / iMessage
  • View Deleted SMS/iMessage
  • View Photos received and sent and MMS multimedia messages

spy on social

Social Messenger

  • View WhatsApp Chats
  • View Facebook Messages
  • View Viber Messages
  • View Skype Messages
  • View Hangouts/Google Talk
  • View BBM History/Line Messages/Kik Messages

phone tracking

Calls Tracking

  • View Call History
  • View Call Deleted History
  • Time of the call
  • Call Recording
  • Auto Answer/Spy Call

gps tracking

Location Tracking

  • Real Time Location Tracking
  • View Location History Of The Phone
  • Hide Location Service Indicator

spy photo

View Videos, Photos, Audios, Notes

  • View Photos
  • View Videos
  • Listen to Voice Recording
  • View Notes

Other Features

  • 100% Undetectable
  • Backup And Delete All Sensitive Data
  • Remotely Lock Phone
  • SIM Change Notification
  • Wipe Phone Data
  • Backup Phone Data
  • Remote Control Via SMS Commands
  • Multi Devices 

What is the Use of Mobile Tracker?

Many Smartphone devices have an advanced mobile tracker facility. It is a security feature that can help the individual to find his/her phone when he lost or stolen. 

The advanced version of mobile tracker enhances its tracking services by protecting phone calls and other information to your cell phone even after y it is stolen or lost.

The phone owners can remove all the information remotely from their missing phone so that the person who found the phone or who stole the phone will not get any access to the information stored on the mobile.

Also, the advanced features of the mobile tracker can redirect the calls to the other handset to make sure that you will not miss any calls even if you lost your mobile phone.

The advanced features will also inform the general location of the lost mobile, and it can help you recover your misplaced or lost Smartphone.

Mobile tracking system not just helps you track the lost phone, but also helps you spy on the other individuals if you think they are following any wrong route. Many Smartphone features real-time tracking and messaging services.

Mobile tracking featured mobile devices contains built-in GPS to track your lost phone location; the results are comparatively very accurate compared to WiFi or cell tower tracking technology.

If there is no GPS signal, the service uses a base station to get your cell phone position. This feature facilitates you to transfer the cell tower information to their server. 

This base station data is identified only by the carriers, so the GPS system manages and contacts all the base stations around the world to find the location of the stolen or lost the mobile device.

How can I Find My Phone by Using SMS Tracker App?

SMS Tracker App comes with several advanced features that can help you track your lost or stolen phone and also gives online access to get information on your target’s phone.

SMS tracker, this application facilitates you to track Smartphone through SMS for transferring the location. It even allows you to track a mobile even if it not connected to the internet, and it assures constant trackability.

SMS tracker is a perfect choice for the parents who wish to check on their kids’ movements and communications. It is a powerful tool for parents as it can help them keep track of their Childs activities and keep them safe even if you are not around them.