Best WhatsApp Spy Tools Reviews – Top 5 WhatsApp Spy Apps

Whatsapp is one of the most used social networking applications and has recently become an important part of our lives, especially children. They completely rely on this app and day by it is becoming really hard to maintain a meaningful relationship with children no matter how hard we try. They constantly stick to their phones and we do not even know who are they engaged in these conversations. So as a parent to keep a check o our child’s activities, we can use the following Whatsapp tracker devices to see what actually they are doing on their Whatsapp.


  1. Copy9

This application is an Android-based one and the subscription comes at a cost of USD $29.99. It has completely unique and awesome features to help you not only keep track of their Whatsapp activities but also other mobile phone applications. This Whatsapp spy application is very easy to use and learn as compared to the others.

  1. Spyera

Available at a price of USD $149, this WhatsApp tracker is available to help you keep a track of your child’s activities on Whatsapp as well as also track their GPS location. This application is also used to find the lost device and comes with a user guide helping you to learn how to spy Whatsapp. The app is highly efficient and effective in its services and is very easy to learn for anyone.

  1. MxSpy

This application is recommended by a lot of users for its magnificent and highly satisfying services. You can really rely on this Whatsapp spy and get all the information about your child’s Whatsapp, not only the messages but the shared media files, contact lists, and call history included. For you to keep a better track record of whom your child is talking to and what. The application is made by one of the most reputable companies and is totally safe to use.

  1. FlexiSpy

This application is available for downloading at just a cost of USD $149. The services are a little bit expensive to consider but are highly safe and extraordinary to use. This application provides you the most efficient and reliable services and also offers a user guide for you to become a pro at how to spy Whatsapp. It will not only help you get the information of your child’s Whatsapp but will also give you the option for GPS tracking, that tracks them down no matter where they are.

  1. 9SpyApps

The application is not only recommended by its users but also the industry players as well. You can get these incredible features and the application subscription just at USD $29.99. This Whatsapp spy app also gives you a 30-day money back guarantee and a monitored and detailed report about the tracked device.


All the applications mentioned above are very useful and properly teaches you how to spy Whatsapp. The apps have excellent features and provide a great help in to track down anyone’s Whatsapp.